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Highview students’ work in the Folkestone Triennial 2011 education and outreach exhibition

The islands installation and the tunnel video were included in the exhibition at The Old Post Office @ Tontine Street in Folkestone. Works made by students from several local schools are presented at the Folkestone Triennial’s education space, which is also used as ‘making space’ where free art and craft activities for young people and families are run daily throughout the three months of the Folkestone Triennial.


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the high islands archipelago and its bridges

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Group 2 spent the last session on constructing the suspension and support bridges. The islands were moved to the outside space and connected with bridges.

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the plasticine archipelago and its bridges

During the last session 1st Group created the sea landscapes for their plasticine islands. Then they constructed bridges and used them to connect the islands. The archipelago was placed in the space outside the art classroom.

Photographs by the students.

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fantastic environment – the combo plants

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The afternoon group used the pictures of plants that they took in the school’s polytunnel last week to create their own fantastic ‘combo/hybrid plants’. These images printed on acetate will be soon used as part of the outside installation…

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the islands – next stage

This group continued to work on their islands project. They also started choosing materials for bridges that the students will make in order to connect all islands. Each island will be mounted on ‘legs’ and the whole archipelago will be moved to the space outside the art class room.

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where was my object found? ‘cross section’ images

This session started with tracing archeological finds and creating these planet’s cross-secion artworks. The students marked places in and between the layers of soil and rocks where different objects were found.

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fantastic environment

The afternoon group started work on the installation made of images of imaginary landscapes and forests. As part of research they explored the school’s polytunnel and photographed different types of plants. Once siting outside they also made drawings of fantastic plants and creatures.

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